• A bright and quiet day from last week

  • Mountains, views and XTRACYCLE

  • Rice Field in Oda Tsukuba & Gluten Free Lime Pie

      Mikage is using locale products as much as possible.  One of the important ingredient in Anne's recipe is the 小田(Oda) rice flour. Based on the ...
  • Pecan Pie

    The third one, practice for a large sized pecan pie for the thanksgiving day.  Had a bite only with water that day, but pretty satisfied this time...
  • Juicy fresh Peach Muffin

    Peaches was one of the summer taste,  a little bit surprised about the result in the muffin, but still tasty is this try. 
  • Peach Pie practice

    Tried different ways on two pastries pie. Had a lot of  fun. 
  • Spectacular Chicken Pot Pie

    The thickness of the crust was a difficult point.  Gluten free pastry react so not like regular wheat pastry, but the same like wheat pastry, need...
  • 紅玉 muffin at the cherry blossom season

    Anne taught me that she loves the Japanese apple called 紅玉(Kou Gyoku). You can get them through whole year now but easily find in the cooler season...
  • Baking practice from March 2022 ~TARTS

  • One year for business trial

    お 知 ら せ MIKAGE キッチンの店主 カク モエ と申します。パンと菓子店の経営を目指しております。 縁に恵まれ、MIKAGEキッチンのオーナーであるアン・コーツと小田にあるNPO法人TSUKKURAのお力を得て三月からアメリカのグルテンフリーのお菓子を商品としてコミュニティTAMAR...
  • Welcome to a new member of our team!

    Mikage Gluten Free Bakery would like to extend a warm welcome to Kaku Moe (Meng Guo) who joined our team in February 2022. Meng-san will be managin...
  • Butter Tart Recipe!

    By Popular Demand: Butter Tarts Recipe!